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Traffic safety cone

Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

Traffic safety cone
Traffic safety cone
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Traffic safety cone Description

1. Good flexibility, anti-car rolling, and can’t be damaged by hard object impact.
2. Solarization, weather, heat and cold resistance, none chapping or color changing.
3. The bright white-red color makes the dazzling light at night ,which makes the driver clear-headed.

The reflective material on the surface of cone:

PVC reflective cone coat and reflective

Traffic safety cone Parameter

Product categories


Rubber road cone
50cm x 40cm

70cm x 40cm

50cm x 360cm

70cm x 360cm

PE road cone
1000 x 490mm

750 x 380mm

500 x 280mm
PVC road cone
900 x 370mm

700 x 350mm

500 x 300mm

450 x 280mm