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Thermoplastic Marking Paint

Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

British Standard Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint (British Standard BS3262)
British Standard Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint (British Standard BS3262)
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Technical data:
Pigment: white tinting pigment, rutile titanium dioxide, meet BS1851 standard. Its content reaches the minimum Luminace factor 70%. Yellow tinting pigment, with enough heat stability envelope high temperature resistance lead chromate yellow pigment, specific color and luster can be determined according to project. Its pigment and filler content in total is between 18%-22%.


Physical characteristics: (typical lab analysis)

Density approach to 2.0g/cm
Softening point

different climate test:

95 degree----tropical;

85 degree----subtropics;

65 degree----temperate zone

Luminace white not lower than 70, yellow not lower than 50
Flowability 40 degree (tropical and subtropics) or 23 degree (temperate zone) 48 hours test, the liquidity rate is not higher than 25%
Anti-skid force not lower than 45BPN
Application thickness

screed line: not thinner than 2.0mm, not thicker than 5.0mm;

sprayable markings beyond yellow line: not thinner than 1.5mm;

Sprayable yellow side line: not thinner than 0.8mm;

extrusion line: not thinner than 2.5mm; not thicker than 3.5mm;

Storage Dry, cool, avoid direct sunlight
Expiration date one year