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Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

ZRFS300-I/II/III Truck Mounted Hydraulic Single Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-heater
Truck Mounted Hydraulic Single Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-heater
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TATU pre-heater is one kind of thermoplastic paint melting equipment with the advantages of high efficiency, quality melting materials, less fuel consumption, energy saving, easy operation and high safety.

The main features are as following:
1. A wide selection for customers to choose:

1). Multiple heating methods: normal LPG burner, LPG energy efficient burner, LPG infrared propane burner and diesel injection burner;

2). Multiple heat preservations: normal insulation material, composite insulation material, heat transfer oil;

3). Ignitions: manual or automatic;

4). Temperature control: manual or automatic;

2. Advanced heating, heat preservation, ignition and temperature control not only achieve a great performance of fast melting material, high quality melt and good insulation, but also improve the convenience and safety of the operation greatly.
3. Simplify hydraulic stepless transmission design for easy operation and maintenance; moreover, the protection device prevents the equipment from damage due to the incorrect or rough operation;
4. Unique feeding mechanism design to avoid happening of bad feeding such as missing, blocking, hard operation or easy damage;
5. The inside structure of the equipment is processed by hot galvanizing for anticorrosion. Stainless steel 304 external enclosure with high temperature resistant surface coating make the equipment be solid, durable and good-looking.

Technical Data

Engine 18HP water-cooled  single cylinder diesel engine 
Material Container Volume 300L (vertical)
Heating Type I: LPG Energy Efficient Burner:
Type II: LPG Infrared Propane Burner;
Type III: Diesel Injection Burner (optional);
Heat Preservation Method heat preservation cotton or heat transfer oil with heat preservation cotton (optional)
Temperature Control Method Automatic or manual (optional)
Dimension 2070mm(L) x 1010mm(W) x 1850mm(H) (different model with different dimension)
Weight 1030 KG (different model with different weight)
Safety Assistance System alarm lamp system, illuminating system, fire unit and low temperature combustion device (optional)