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Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

TT-C03-RKJ500 Driving Type Thermoplastic Spraying-Extrusion-Screeding Road Marking Machine
Driving Type Thermoplastic Spraying-Extrusion-Screeding Road Marking Machine
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Technical Data

Marking Method extrusion, spraying or screeding (change spray gun, extrusion or screeding device)
Material Container Volume material container (pressurized) 500L
glass bead container 150L
Air Compressor Delivery Rate 1.5m³/min
Heating Method LPG infrared burner or fuel energy efficient burner
Heat Preservation Method heat preservation cotton, or heat transfer oil with heat preservation cotton
Temperature Control Method auto temperature control
Marking Line Width

screeding 50/100/150/200/250/300, optional(single standard equips of 150mm, convex device optional);

Extrusion 100/150/200/250/300mm optional(single standard equips of 200mm);

spraying 50-300mm, adjustable;

Overall Dimension 6000mm(L) x 2200mm(W) x 2200mm(H)


Chassis Specification

Engine Power 74KW four cylinders water-cooled diesel engine
Drive Unit hydraulic drive infinitely variable
Driving Direction & Speed forward or backward, 0-22km/h
Glass Bead Container Volume 150L
Weight 4-5T