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Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

Highway solution

Highway solution

There are two types of road marking paint: thermoplastic type and cold paint type. With high demands of modern construction on wear resistance, slip resistance, weather resistance and durability, Low-cost thermoplastic type road marking paint has become the first choice of most developing countries for highway markings.

Thermoplastic road marking paints have stronger adhesion than other paints. It can be tightly bonded with highway pavement. Howerver,the shorter the drying time, the worse adhesion of the general paint would be. Howerver, the shorter drying time, the worse general paint adhesion.

Usually, the traffic flow of highway are large, any pavement construction will greatly affect the traffic order. Thermoplastic road marking paints has long service life, it can reduce the wastage caused by repetitive construction, reduce the obstruction and impact on traffic.

Modern traffic, not only required daylight effects, but also focus on nighttime effect. Thermoplastic road marking paint using glass beads as reflective material to improve the effect of marking reflective at night.

usually, the distance of highway will be longer than any other roads, thus the highway marking construction costs tend to be higher than any other roads.

Thermoplastic marking paint has the advantages of low cost and cheap price, highway marking using thermoplastic road marking paint can significantly reduce the cost of construction.