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Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

Campus solution

Campus solution

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Most of the 400 m semi-circular runway was built between the radius of 35 to 38 meters is appropriate.

Primary schools are generally 200 meters runway.

Secondary schools are generally 400 meters standard runway.

Just get out of the perimeter of the 400 inner circle of the two semicircular curves, and then subtract the circumference of the two corners with the length of the straight line.

Marking machine selection

TATU hand-pushed cold paint road marking machine is a kind of airless high pressure sprayable marking machine which is widely used throughout the world, especially suitable for small quantities and rapid construction, such as marking parking spaces . They have the advantages of low investment, light weight, easy loading, easy operation and maintenance, suitable for the marking work with thermoplastic paints in all kinds of roads, vehicle parks, schools, factories, etc.

Marking paint selection

Environment protection: high solid content, no organic solvent, no harm to human beings when producing or executing, no pollution.Dry fast and abrasion: fast dry speed, traffic available for pass after 10 minutes.