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Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

Community solution

Community solution

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With the improvement of living conditions, more and more families will be equipped with at least one car, which led to the difficulty of community parking.


Through reasonable planning and allocation of community parking spaces, can effectively solve the problem of community parking.


Traffic markings, parking lines need to use special road marking machine (divided into hot melt marking machine and cold spray marking machine).

1) hot melt marking machine

The hot melt marking machine uses the hot melt marking paint, passes through the marking machine special-purpose hot melt kettle to melt the coating to be possible to cross the line construction.

Advantages: hot melt paint film thickness, wear resistance, strong night reflection

2) cold spray marking machine (cold paint marking machine)

Cold paint marking machine using solvent or water-based marking paint, paint can be directly crossed construction.
Advantages: compact, convenient construction.

3) community parking lot reference specifications

General community parking lot car parking line, guide arrow, the edge of the line and stop the yellow line area.
parking line: Specifications for 2600X5300mm, line width 150mm, color is white;
guide arrow: length 3000mm, color is white;
channel edge line: Specification for single solid line and single line, line width 150mm, color is white or yellow;

stop yellow line area: line width 150mm, yellow color.