Информация приглашенных талантов

Social Recruitment FAQ

1、Q: what channels can I participate in the company's social recruitment?

A: You can apply for our positions through the following channels:


You can learn all the posts information on TATU official website, ChinaHR, Zhaopin and other major talent websites, and deliver resumes to the corresponding mailbox. The hiring manager will work with you to set up an interview time after screening resumes.

(2)City / Large special recruitment

Our monthly special recruitment will be held from time to time in the major cities, you can always learn the latest recruitment notice on TATU official website. Meanwhile, the company will be hold annual spring job fairs around the Spring Festival in the country's industrial bases, you can participate in a live recruitment. 

2、Q: what documents need to bring when I came to participate in the company's recruitment?

A: Please bring my true original valid documents (identity card, diploma, degree certificate, English and computer grade certificate, etc.), resume,  an inch photo and relevant documents material which can reflect the level of academic and technical capacity.

3、Q: What is the company's recruitment process?

A: three steps - eligibility verification (first test), a professional interview, and interview by general manager. Afterwards, you will participate in the training (management positions for a period of eight days, craftsmen class post for a period of 7 days). You can handle the registration formalities in HR department at nine o'clock the next day after training.  

4、Q: What's salary and welfare?

A: The company offers a competitive salary for employees, and also provides salary adjustment opportunities, year-end bonuses, special awards, stock options and other incentives. The company will apply for pension insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance (including ill health), maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance and housing fund, and handle personal accident insurance for expatriates. In addition, TATU employees also enjoy a variety of holidays, paid holiday supplies, and receive beautiful birthday gifts. Please check the official website of human resources policy.

Campus Recruitment FAQ

1.Q: Please introduce campus recruitment process
A: Online Delivery electronic resume → resume screening → Campus Talk → interview → interview by general manager→  sign a tripartite agreement →training (including medical examination).

2.Q: How many posts can we apply at the same time?
A: You can only apply for two positions at most. These positions can be located in the same city, but also in different cities. We will screen resumes according to the order of your applications.

3. Q:How long will we receive reply after delivering resume?
A: Please check your e-mail at any time. In addition, we also send SMS to your mobile phone, so please make sure you fill out the correct phone number when submitting your resume and keep your communication tools unimpeded.

4. Q:What will be mainly assessed in interview? What is the form?
A: It tests the overall quality of the interviewee in the form of "many to one" approach, in which the general manager will meet retest for the company's executives.

5. Q:If I am fortunate enough to enter the company, what training and development opportunities to get? please tell us about the company's compensation and benefits policy.
A: In this regard, please refer to the "talent policy" section, there are more detailed description.

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