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Pavement Marking Remover

Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

TT-WB03-1400 Trailed High Pressure Water Blasting Remover
Trailed High Pressure Water Blasting Remover
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Main Features
The machine is pull-type small-size multi-functional road engineering special facilitiy, through high pressure water flow impact, the machine can not only sweep out road line(mark) on road pavement rapidly and thoroughly without damaging road pavement and basis , but also gall the pavemen,optional waste water reclamation device can realize non-pollution opertation and start the secondary marking operation within extremely short time which makes it possible for simultaneous operation for line removing and marking so that it may reduce the negtive influence on traffic status.

Super high pressure water pump,hand-pushed jet table,optional vacuum reclamation system

Basic Information
Model TT-WB03-1400
Class pull-type
Construction type sweep out road line(mark), gall the pavement pavement,gall the pavement
Suitable place low level highway, city road
Optional accessories hand-pushed marking machine,vacuum reclamation system

Main Parameters

Water Pressure: 140MPa
Water Volume: 1000L