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Road Marking Auxiliaries

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TT-XS-IV Thinner
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Paint thinner is a dedicated material which is used for adjusting viscosity andcleaning construction equipment when using cold paint solvent based material for road marking work. TATU TT-XS-IV paint diluent is produced by mixed reaction through fully automatic production line using materials likemethylbenzene, ethyl ester, butanone, deodorant, etc. It is with the feature of good compatibility, nice color, light peculiar smell and so on.

Flammable: no smoking and attention to safety during the construction. Please store it carefully after construction. Attention to the fire, and store at dry and cool place;
Dosage: no more than 5% of paint when adjusting the viscosity of making paint;
Do not splash it into eye or on skin;
Do not mix it with other diluent;