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Road Marking Auxiliaries

Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

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As a kind of auxiliary hardener material to accelerate chemical cross-linking and solidity reaction for two-component resin(paint),two-component resin hardener is a common kind of solidity auxiliary material with high cost performance during the production and construction for two-component paint.  hydrogen peroxide reacts with liquid caustic soda to form sodium peroxide, then sodium peroxide reacts with dicyclohexyl ester to form auxiliary hardener material.

Two-component resin hardener have stable reactivity, dissolve in esters, benzene and diethyl ether, slightly dissolve in water, carbinol. This type hardener have high curing speed, stable cross-linked structure, excellent light protection and color protection performance.

Technical Data
Two-component resin hardener is white powder, melting point is 103℃(resolved), density is 1.33(g/cm3), danger label is 12(organic peroxide).

Two-component resin hardener is packed in polyethylene bag, 25KG/BAG and reserve in place which is cold, dark, and far sway from fire source and high temperature area, the expiration date is 3 years.