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Road Marking Auxiliaries

Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

TT-XTJ-IV Primer
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The cohesion between thermoplastic road marking material and road surface is the basis of good marking job. The effectiveness between the markings and road not only depends on the paint itself and craftwork, it also depends on pavement behavior. As for new asphalt pavement, the user only needs to assure the pavement to be clean and dry, because when thermoplastic paint is marked on the new asphalt road, the high temperature of the paint will melt the asphalt surface, therefore, these two will stick with each other very strong. As for concrete pavement, old pavement, or improper protected pavement, because of the loose particles, dust, and dirt, before doing marking job, the user not only has to clean the road, but also use primer to dissolve the pavement in order to make the pavement close to new asphalt pavement, therefore to reach the excellent cohesion between pavement and paint.

Fire off, stock in dry and cool area;
Do not splash the primer into eyes or skin;
Do not mix with other primer;
Spray rate: 150-200g/㎡