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Road Marking Auxiliaries

Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

TT-BNH-I Pre-mixed Glass Beads
Pre-mixed Glass Beads
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Pre-mixed glass bead is a kind of mixed type reflective material to increase the reflection of the road marking material. It is included in thermoplastic, 2-component, and solid cold paint. Tatu brand internal mixed glass bead chooses high quality soda lime glass and special addition as raw material and is coated by full automatic production line.

Use bilayer bag for packing, inner bag is polyethylene film, thickness is less than 0.5mm; outer bag is plastic woven bag to avoid leaking and damp. Net weight: 25±0.2kg.

Technical data

Appearance colorless transparency ball, bright and clean, no distinct bubble and impurity
Rounding rate ≥80%;
Density 2.4-2.6g/ cm³
Refractive index Nd≥1.50
Glass ingredient soda lime glass, sio2 content>68%