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Special Purpose Resin

Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

TT-C5 C5 Petroleum Resin
C5 Petroleum Resin
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In order to assure the quality of road chemical products, reduce the production cost, promote competitiveness in the market, and steady the strategy of the development in field of road related products industry in the global wide, TATU insists the idea of development in focusing on road traffic industry to expand the range of products and complete industrial chain with its prospective thought, pioneering spirit and mind to gather various talents and funds. After several decades of unremitting efforts, TATU realized automated production step by step in material field for the upstream products such as resin of road marking paint (Petroleum resin, modified rosin resin, acrylic synthesis resin, etc.), addition of road marking paint (plasticizer, convex paint addition, anti-setting agent, ect.), glass beads and so on. The manufactured products are widely promoted more than 20 provinces and municipalities in whole China, and exported to more than 10 countries and area in the whole world. Now, Tatu has gradually developed whole industrial development line for R&D, manufacture, sales and after sales.

Meanwhile, on basis of self-use and supplier to partners, the company strategically works with several global well-known material enterprises and becomes their strategic distributor in road products and supplies to tens of global partners with professional services. Now, the company represents for titanium dioxide, lead chromate yellow, PE wax, EVA, and synthesis rubber, etc.


C5 petroleum resin is a kind of macromolecule polymerization product modified and polymerized by coproduct of ethylene C5 cut fraction. Tatu brand TT-C5 petroleum resin is a a kind of product modified (aiming at road marking material) in full automatic production line, whose performance is more suitable in thermoplastic road marking material. Thermoplastic markings using this raw material have the advantages of excellent flexibility, hardness, levelling, adhesion, and seasonal stability. The compatibility of the resin is better.


1. Light in color, high wear resistance, even filler dispersion, no sedimentation;
2. Good heat stability, fast dry speed;
3. Excellent weather resistance, anti-fouling, levelling, adhesion;
4. Sensation and uniform particle;
5. Softening point: 100±4℃ (according to customer requirement)