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Fence and Guardrail

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Fence and Guardrail
Fence and Guardrail
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fence and Guardrail Description

Fence is the main form of semi-steel fence, and it is continuous structure made by connections between corrugated steel fence panels and the main column’s support. It absorbs the impact energy caused by deformation of soil base, column and beam, and forces the runaway vehicles to change back to normal traveling direction, preventing vehicles from running off the road to protect vehicles and passengers and reduce the losses caused by accidents. Waveform beam fence is both solid and fle x ible, can absorb impact energy as much as possible, is distinct to be seen easily and in accordance with traffic lines, can be used in small radius corners and is easy to replace damaged parts. Combined waveform beam fence can be used at median strip. For sections where serious damage may be caused by runaway vehicles off the road or bridge, choose enhanced waveform beam fence

Structure: isolation net welded by cold drawn low carbon steel wires, fi x ed by connected parts and steel pillars
Features: high strength, good steel, pretty outlook, broad vision, easy to install, bright-colored, durable, not fade nor deform easily.
Frame fence is mainly used in factory, highway, railway, airport, station, service area, free trade zone, open-air storage field, port, etc.

fence and Guardrail Parameter

Separation Fence

Wire diameter 3.2mm—6mm
Pore diameter 75mm x 150mm
Steel tube column 48mm x (1.5mm—3mm)
Square tube 15mm(L) x 20mm(W) x 0.8mm(H)
20mm(L) x 30mm(W) x 1.35mm(H)
Material Low carbon steel wire
Surface treatment galvanizing, coated, impregnation
Characteristics anti-corrosion, anti-solarization, bright color, long life
Reques The product can be manufactured as customer's reques

The specification of waveform guardrail

Double wave guardrail board 4320mm(L) x 310mm(W) x 85mm(H) 3/4
Triple wave guardrail board 4320mm(L) x 506mm(W) x 85mm(H) 3/4
Surface treatment hot galvanizing, powder painting
Double wave guardrail column 114mm x 3.5/4.5mm x height; 140 x 3.5/4.5mm x height
Triple wave guardrail column 114mm x 4.5mm x height;140 mm x 4.5mm x height
Spacing The spacing between two columns is normally 2 meters and 4meters
There is two connection ways for column and board obstruction block type and bracket type