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The company is a ship, talent is a sailor. Welcome to join us and we work together to create brilliant future! The following are our latest job recruitment notice.

you can send your resume to the following email: if there is no proper position.

 If to apply for positions in branch offices, please send an email to: (note the full company name of branch office in email), we will contact you immediately when there is a suitable job. 

Tips: The recruitment activities of the Group are not charged entry fees; we will not contact job seekers by PHS or sending a car to pick up candidates. Please verify contact information of HR from the Group and its subsidiary. If you found criminals falsely arrange job interviews, ask for fees or laptop and other belongings in the name of the company, please be alert and verify recruitment information, to avoid being cheated, and feedback to Human Resources of Group Headquarters and call the police timely. 
Nombre del puesto Número de ofertas Lugar de trabajo Fecha de publicación Puesto que solicita
International Sales Manager (South America) 1 shanghai 2013-02-05 Saber más
Sales Manager 1 shanghai 2013-02-05 Saber más

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