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Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

Company News

TATU high pressure water blasting machine serves Shanghai

In May 19, 2017, the high-pressure water blasting machine ordered by Shanghai customers arrived in Shanghai. Compared with other Chinese brands, our h...

2017/05/24 Company News 162

2012 TATU Group Sports Meeting

In order to enhance the physical quality of staffs, develop the sense of competition and show the determined spirit, on December 22nd 2012, TATU Group...

2017/04/20 Company News 149

Kazakhstan customers test drive TATU thermoplastic road marking machine

On September 8, 2015, a Kazakhstan customer came to visit the production base of TATU in Zhengzhou. During watching different marking devices,The Kaza...

2017/04/20 Company News 175

TATU waterblasting vehicles excellent removing effect attracted passers-by to watch

On November 10, 2015, when our workers were doing traffic lines removal construction, the waterblasting vehicle which we used performed an excellent r...

2017/04/20 Company News 170

TATU brand high pressure water blasting vehicle in Shanghai

3.25.2016, Our marking team arrived Shanghai, and using high pressure water blasting machine to clear up a local old line marking....

2017/04/20 Company News 154

Somali customer watch our hot melt line construction

On April 27, 2016, a customer from Somalia came to our factory to see road marking equipment and paints....

2017/04/20 Company News 132

TATU waterblasting vehicle remove road markings(road line) in Henan zhoukou

With the increasing number of TATU waterblasting vehicle construction case, this new way of road markings removal method attracted the attention of mo...

2017/04/20 Company News 112

TATU Driving Type Road Line Marker In Saudi Arabia Dammam

In November 30, 2016, Our driving-type hot-melt road line marker arrived in Saudi Dammam....

2017/03/13 Company News 224

TATU road marking equipment in Africa

In November 7, 2016, while our engineers do service for customers in Africa, he recorded the photos of our road marking equipment working in Africa hi...

2016/12/28 Company News 183