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Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

Company News

Hot-melt road marking car in Hainan

In January 17, 2018, our engineers drove our hot-melt road marking car to Haikou, Hainan.They used our new type road marking car and made rapid line c...

2018/01/19 Company News 4

Road markings

Road markings are the silent custodians of road safety in this era of four and six lane highways. Markings signify the delineation of traffic path and...

2017/11/09 Company News 44

TATU participate in the 2017 Shanghai international city and architecture Expo

In October 31, 2017, TATU traffic group participated in Shanghai international city and architecture Expo 2017 as a Road traffic field Exhibitor. In t...

2017/11/02 Company News 45

Paint for future road markings

So, when the hot melt marking paint is no longer produced, the future road markings will use what kind of marking paint?...

2017/10/26 Company News 60

Shanghai tries high pressure water jet method to clear old road markings

At 9 on July 25, 2017, near Hami Road, Changning District, Shanghai.City Department of highways using this high-pressure water blasting vehicle to com...

2017/09/30 Company News 79

Hot melt spraying type road marking machine

Because the advantage of not limited by the quality of the road, no need to clean the old line, less unit paint, glass beads bonding power, constructi...

2017/08/03 Company News 113

Hot melt double line marking machine, double line once forming

Usually, double line markings are used on more spacious roads. It is relatively simple to spray two parallel lines with cold jet marking machine. But ...

2017/07/11 Company News 122

TATU road marking machine exported to Europe

The vehicle mounted road marking machine is a kind of economical and practical road marking machine. The vehicle mounted road marking machine can be l...

2017/06/28 Company News 135

Road Marking Machine Training Services In Our Factory

Customers often worry that they do not know how to use the road marking machine after they bought it....

2017/06/22 Company News 152