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TATU brand GB standard thermoplastic road marking paint exported to Burma

TATU brand GB standard thermoplastic road marking paint exported to Burma

32 tons of TATU brand GB standard thermoplastic road marking paint were exported to Burma from Qingdao port on november 20, 2015.

TATU Brand GB thermoplastic road marking paint is produced strictly according to industrial standard JT/T280 and GB16311-2009 regulated by China Ministry of Communications. The main materials used are internationally renowned products.

In addition, TATU brand GB thermoplastic road marking paint has the following characteristics:

1. Cohesiveness: specific formula, of good cohesiveness with road, pre-mark with Tatu’s dedicated primer (especially for concrete base) will strengthen the cohesiveness.

2. Anti-slipperiness: with anti-slipping material. On condition of good flowabilty, the anti-slipping material can ensure good anti-slipperiness and maximize the traffic safety.

3. Reflective: according to the settling rate of the glass beads, properly choose stable refractive and high quality coating type glass bead with different particle ratio. Mix them evenly inside the paint and dispense mixed type glass beads when executing will ensure new and old markings always to be in high reflection.

4. Dry fast: use different formula to produce the paint according to temperature, humidity and roadbed condition when executing, ensure fast drying speed and antifouling property of the marking.

5. Stability: choose excellent light and heat stability raw material ratio, add ultraviolet-proof additives at the same time, to make sure the long-acting color and luster even under strong sunshine.

6. Anti hair-cracking: hair-cracking of the marking is a technical problem in road marking material industry home and abroad. After long-term research and by way of adding high temperature resistance lipid material and functional filler, Tatu completely solved the hair-cracking problem during executing.