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2012 TATU Group Sports Meeting

2012 TATU Group Sports Meeting

In order to enhance the physical quality of staffs, develop the sense of competition and show the determined spirit, on December 22nd 2012, TATU Group Company held the 2012 TATU Group Sports Meeting. 

At nine o’clock in the morning, the sports meeting formally started after flag-raising ceremony. In the tug-of-war competition, all the sports man showed their strong power and desire for success. The basketball game was the most popular game; the players used their basketball skill, their wisdom and their passion made the entire audience in the playground cheer for this wonderful match. And also in the table tennis match, badminton match, rope skipping match and other matches, all the participators showed their best condition and made their colleagues know they are so excellent. At five o’clock in the afternoon, 2012 TATU Group Sports Meeting concluded successfully after the award ceremony.