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Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

TATU brand high pressure water blasting vehicle in Shanghai

TATU brand high pressure water blasting vehicle in Shanghai

3.25.2016, Our marking team arrived Shanghai, and using high pressure water blasting machine to clear up a local old line marking.

High-pressure water blasting, by means of using high pressure water generator to make more than hundreds of atmospheres, then through a small aperture injection device into a high-speed micro-"water jet".

This "water jet" are generally at above Mach 1 time times with great energy, it can perform different kinds of tasks. This highly shaped water jet is used to accomplish a variety of cleaning technique is called "high pressure water jet cleaning technology".Using high pressure water cleaning road markings, Has the advantage of high efficiency, low cost and cause zero damage to the pavement, zero pollution, safety and so on.

You can see from the picture, pavement had been construction of high pressure water blasting vehicle, neither dusty screen of traditional line removal equipment, Nor causing any damage to the pavement.