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Two-component Road Marking Machine

Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

TT-FCP180-II P Self-propelled Multifunctional Cold Plastic Road Marking Machine
Self-propelled Multifunctional Cold Plastic Road Marking Machine
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Technical Data

Engine HONDA or ROBIN 20HP gasoline engine
Air Compressor Air Output 0.45m³/min (Spraying)
Marking Method high pressure airless spraying, structure-marking with 2-component cold plastic and screeding with 2-component cold plastic
Delivery Rate 9L/min (single)
Ma x . Rated Working Pressure 20Mpa
Pump and Control Method

auto-shuttle plunger pump

Suitable Type

Suitable for solvent-based paint, water-born paint, 2-component cold plastic paint 1:1 & 98:2, and structure 2-component cold plastic paint;

Marking Line Width

Spraying solvent-based paint, water-born paint or 1:1 2-component cold plastic: 50-500mm (adjustable);

Spraying 98:2 2-component cold plastic: 50-300mm (adjustable);

Structure marking with 2-component cold plastic: 50/100/150/ 200/250/300/350/400/500/600mm (optional), standard equipped with 150mm;

Spray Gun (marking units) Number

2 or 4 hand guns 
or 1 set of 98:2 2-component cold plastic spray guns or centrifugation, screed bo x ;
or for screed 2-component cold plastic: 50/100/150/200/250/300mm (optional), standard equipped with150mm;

Paint Container Volume

2 x 30L

Glass Beads Container Volume


Hardner Container Volume

5L (pressurized for 98:2 2-component cold plastic)


2100mm(L) x 1400mm(W) x 1350mm(H)