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Two-component Road Marking Machine

Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

TT-FFL-I Self-propelled Two-component Cold Plastic Road Marking Machine for Structure Marking
Self-propelled Two-component Cold Plastic Road Marking Machine for Structure Marking
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Main features:
1. Drive system use original imported hydraulic continuosusly variable transmission system, its forward, backward and braking operation are easy, the drive system is easily controlled. Greatly reduce labor investment and intensity, also greatly improved the efficiency of marking job.

2. The machine use mechanical quantitative broadcaster which has advantages of uniformly dispensing, effectively control flow, synchronization with the markings, greatly improving the reflective effect and the efficiency of line marking.

3. According to characteristics of excellent adhesive of two-component paint, this machine use spin coating line marking way, this kind line-type have much better drainage on the basis of ensuring its wear resistance and environmental protection features, thereby increasing the life of coating, saving paint and reducing construction costs;

4. According to characteristics of different hardener consumption due to used different two-component paint and the poor fluidity of hardener, to design a special hardener tank with discharging valve which ensure its discharging flow in accordance with paint flow. The problem that operator can not accurately control mixture ratio of two component material is perfectly  solved.

5. According to features of fast dry and seperately feeding material, to design a special mixing bucket with automatic mixing function and easy to be replaced. Mixing device use left-rotation butterfly blade and pneumatic stirring to ensure stirring evenly, thereby increasing life of marking; marking shoe use snap-in installation to ensure replacement fast and efficient, thereby greatly improving working efficiency.

Technical Data

Engine HONDA or ROBIN 6.0HP gasoline engine
Drive Unit Imported infinitely variable
Drive Speed Forward 0-4KM/H, backward 0-3.2KM/H
Max. Hill Climbing Ability 15°
Air Compressor Air Output 0.45m³/min
Marking Method

Structure marking

Hardener Container Volume


Material Container Volume:


Glass Bead Container Volume


steering device

Rear wheel directional steering device

Marking Line Width


(optional; standard equipment: one shoe 150mm width)

Marking Line Thickness

1.5–3.0 mm (adjustable)


1450mm(L) × 1350mm(W) × 1350mm(H)


280 KG