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Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

TT-Q50-CP1600 Cold Paint (2-component) High Pressure Airless Spraying Marking Truck
Cold Paint (2-component) High Pressure Airless Spraying Marking Truck
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Technical Data

Marking Method solvent-based (water-born) or 2-component (1:1 or 98:2) high pressure airless spraying
Glass Dispensing Method sprayable (pressure adjustable)
Material Container Volume material container 2 x 800L
Hardener Container (98:2 type 2-component) 100L
Glass Bead Container 2 x 100L+10L
Delivery Rate 20L/min (single)
Pump Control Method auto shuttle valve (A) or oil cylinder (B)
Marking Line Width 50-1000mm (adjustable)
Spray Gun Quantity standard equipped with 2 or 4 (super wide marking for 2-component or airport) air spray guns and 1 hand spray gun

Chassis Specification

Chassis Brand Isuzu QL1090TKAR or JAC Hao38
Overall Dimension (mm) 6842mm(L) x 2110mm(W) x 2550mm(H)
7020mm(L) x 2260mm(W) x 2560mm(H)
Rear Cargo Box Dimension (mm) 4880mm(L) x 2110mm(W) x 550mm(H) 
5058mm(L) x 2150mm(W) x 450mm(H)
Rated Load (T) 5T
Engine Model 4HK1-TC (Isuzu) or YZ4105 (JAC)
Engine Power:

129KW (Isuzu) or 75KW (JAC)

Tyre Model

8.25-168 (Isuzu) or 25-16 (JAC)

Equipment Specification

Air Compressor screw-type air compressor 1m³/min
Engine Power air compressor power 2.5KW, hydraulic system power 26.2KW
Glass Bead Container Volume 2 x 125L
Sweeping Device optional
Reflective Cone Placing structure & Rear Standing Platform optional