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Special Purpose Auxiliaries

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Anti-settling Agents
Anti-settling Agents
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Anti-settling Agents
Anti-settling agents is a functional additive road marking paint, is more frequently used in the international cold road marking paint industry as a cost-effective functional accessories. The auxiliaries are formed by modified urea resin and other materials, it has good anti-settling effect, not hair flower, prevent sagging, and good thixotropy, etc.

Anti-settling agent with its strong thixotropic flow performance, it can significantly improve the settlement of coating paint system state, improve the sag resistance of paint, and at the same time, has no influence on the performance of the coating flow flat, without adding process temperature control. This product has good versatility and efficiency among the road marking paints.

Technical Data
Anti-settling agent's appearance is light yellow liquid, flash point is 91℃, density is 1.13 (g/cm3), solid content is 51±1% .

Anti-settling agent is packaged in polythene drum, 25KG/drum or 200KG/iron drum. The product should be stored in cold and dark place and away from fire and high temperature. Expiration date for it is 2 years.