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Special Purpose Auxiliaries

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Phthalic acid dioctyl ester (DOP) is the functional auxiliary material for thermoplastic materials, it is mainly composed of monomer such as benzene anhydride, alcohol material etc, in sulfuric acid, p-toluene sulfonic acid, under the action of the esterification of acidic catalyst . This product is now more commonly used in the international thermoplastic road marking paint industry with high ratio of performance of plastic accessories varieties. This material has low melting point, better plasticity, good color and luster.

Phthalate dioctyl (DOP) has a good mix performance, excellent plasticizing effect, low volatile, excellent low tender and soft and strong heat resistance and weather resistance, etc. This product is mainly used in thermoplastic road marking paints and making lacquer, dye, dispersant and other industry. This product is the containing materials for thermoplastic road marking paint, it can obviously improve the inner soft willfulness, surface impact resistance and mixed dispersion.

Technical Data
Phthalate dioctyl's appearance is light yellow oily liquid, the melting point is -40 ℃, density  is 0.982-0.988 (g/cm3), acidity (phthalate) is less than 0.015%.

Phthalate dioctyl's is packaged in polythene drum, 25KG/drum or 200KG/iron drum. The product should be stored in cold and dark place and away from fire and high temperature. Expiration date for it is 3 year.