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Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.


Hot melt vibration marking machine Shang Deng highway case

In June 26, 2017, our customer use hot melt road marking machine to test hot melt vibration marking on Shang Deng highway, and achieved excellent mark...

2017/08/16 Application 728

TATU cold plastic road marking machine in Zhejiang Ningbo

In August 3, 2017, our customers use TATU cold plastic road marking machine to do two-component type road line in Zhejiang Ningbo....

2017/08/09 Application 699

Application case of two component line marking machine

The road markings in the picture were made by Shanghai customers in April 12, 2017 using our two component line marking machine....

2017/07/27 Application 721

Hand push type hot melt marking machine construction case in Luoyang, Xin an

In June 7, 2017, a customer from Luoyang, Xin\\\'an purchased a set of hot hand push type hot melt marking equipment from us....

2017/07/21 Application 777

Truck Mount Road Marking Machine In Shanxi Province

In April 24, 2017, A Shanxi customer chose our turck-mounted type road marking machine. After simple installation, the TT-ZCP200 turck-mounted type ro...

2017/06/02 Application 910

Road marking removal construction in Suqian city of Jiangsu Province, China

In May 12, 2017, a group of road construction team drove our road marking removal truck to Suqian, Jiangsu province. The road marking removal truck us...

2017/05/26 Application 921

Hebei Guangyang road zebra application case

The construction site is located in Hebei Province in March 30, 2017 Guangyang Avenue crossing construction, the staff using the optional 500mm wide T...

2017/03/02 Application 1021

Application of cold jet marking machine

hand push cold spraying marking machine on S102 highway construction....

2017/03/02 Application 1280

Application of color zebra crossing

The colorful zebra crossing, also known as the 3D zebra crossing, is a bright color that can prompt the driver to slow down before passing a zebra....

2017/03/01 Application 1352