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Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.


Hot-melt sprayed road marking machine

Different from common hot melt scraping marking machine, hot melt marking machine is equipped with special thermal spray function system. During const...

2018/02/08 Application 1902

Color antiskid marking lines for airport exit

In addition to the daily protection measures for this section, the airport security department is also ready to lay out color antiskid pavement, refer...

2018/01/10 Application 1935

Airport runway marking machine

The airport runway marking machine is a device used on an airstrip to mark the bright white or yellow lines and symbols.It includes runway number mark...

2017/12/28 Application 2024

Small driving type cold spraying road marking machine construction in Abu Dhabi

Driving type road marking machine is with large capacity material container and glass beads container, which can ensure long distance marking without ...

2017/11/30 Application 674

Thermoplastic Convex Road Marking Machine Case

In addition to the convex marking machine, we also specially developed the special coatings for the protruding structural markings. It uses advanced t...

2017/10/19 Application 864

Construction case of water blasting vehicle

In August 16, 2017, our staff came to Shengli Road, Hualong District, Puyang City, Henan province. They used our new water blasting vehicle to remove ...

2017/10/12 Application 808

Construction case of Jiaozuo, Wenxian County, Henan

In September 11, 2017, customers use our road marking machine to re-mark the roads of Jiaozuo, Henan, Wenxian County province.The equipment used by th...

2017/09/13 Application 758

Truck mounted road marking machine case

Truck mounted type road marking machine is assembled on customers own trucks, the marking speed depends on the speed of the truck. Therefore, the truc...

2017/09/06 Application 900

Road marking removal case in Henan Shangqiu

WR-WB20 can quickly eliminate even the most resilient pavement markings while still protecting the integrity of the surface....

2017/09/01 Application 842