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Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

Hot-melt sprayed road marking machine

Hot-melt sprayed road marking machine

The hot-melt spray marking line must use a special hot-melt spray road marking machine.

Hot-melt sprayed road marking machine

Different from common hot melt scraping marking machine, hot melt marking machine is equipped with special thermal spray function system. During construction, hot melt spraying equipment is not directly contacted with pavement, so it will not be affected by pavement particle protrusion, construction speed is faster and efficiency is higher than that of scraping.

Sprayed hot-melt road marking can form thinner marking coating. Most of them are applied to places with high requirements for wear-resistance and retroreflective coefficient of marking, such as expressways, solid lines of mountainous highways, etc.

In addition, the sprayed line does not touch the pavement, and it is not affected by the particle bulge of the pavement, so the construction speed is fast and the efficiency is high. There is no need to fill the gap between the particles in the surface of the pavement, and the use of paint is less in unit area.

Based on the characteristics mentioned above, the sprayed hot-melt road marking machine has a great market prospect.