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Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

Color antiskid marking lines for airport exit

Color antiskid marking lines for airport exit

At Shanghai Pudong Airport, there is a way to go from terminal 1, which is the South crossing bend of Pudong airport terminal. It was put into operation in February 2008. The road is about 800 meters long and fan-shaped.

Color antiskid marking lines for airport exit

In order to reduce the occurrence of the accident, the traffic police department carried out a number of field investigations and studied traffic safety management measures.

First of all, the creation of relevant signs and markings, has a high incidence of accidents such as speed, sharp bends, sets a flag in the road ahead, continuous curve on the outside corner sign, light guiding sign. And on the ground, laid a concussion marking line, warning drivers to slow down, safe passage.

Secondly, three motorized lanes at the bend are gradually compressed into two lanes through the collision prevention water horse. In this way, it can not only reduce the speed of vehicle, but also reduce the occurrence of serious human injury accident caused by the collision between the motor vehicle and the lateral cement isolation fence.

Third, the coordination of airport security units in the rainy days in the lane in the lane laying antiskid mat, increase the friction coefficient of the road. Meanwhile, the patrol car is arranged to strengthen the on-site inspection guidance, to reduce the speed of passing vehicles, and to reduce the hidden danger of the accident.

In addition to the daily protection measures for this section, the airport security department is also ready to lay out color antiskid pavement, referring to the Shanghai inner ring road ramp. Drivers will slow down when they see roads with different colors, and the friction of the road is much bigger than that of the ordinary road.