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Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.


Thermoplastic Convex Road Marking Machine Case

In addition to the convex marking machine, we also specially...

2017/10/19 Application 12

Construction case of water blasting vehicle

In August 16, 2017, our staff came to Shengli Road, Hualong ...

2017/10/12 Application 24

Construction case of Jiaozuo, Wenxian County, Henan

In September 11, 2017, customers use our road marking machin...

2017/09/13 Application 77

Truck mounted road marking machine case

Truck mounted type road marking machine is assembled on cust...

2017/09/06 Application 87

Road marking removal case in Henan Shangqiu

WR-WB20 can quickly eliminate even the most resilient paveme...

2017/09/01 Application 110

Hot melt vibration marking machine Shang Deng highway case

In June 26, 2017, our customer use hot melt road marking mac...

2017/08/16 Application 133

TATU cold plastic road marking machine in Zhejiang Ningbo

In August 3, 2017, our customers use TATU cold plastic road ...

2017/08/09 Application 137

Application case of two component line marking machine

The road markings in the picture were made by Shanghai custo...

2017/07/27 Application 194

Hand push type hot melt marking machine construction case in Luoyang, Xin\'an

In June 7, 2017, a customer from Luoyang, Xin\'an purcha...

2017/07/21 Application 187