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Where there is a road, there is a TATU road marking machine.

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Anti-skid pavement aggregate features:

It has the same color for it's entire body, never fade, no color difference, good reflection. It is of great significance in the history of colored pavement by ceramic particles. It is used to beautify the city, special road surface pavement so that it can effectively improve the warning role, shorten braking distance deceleration in advance to insure the safety for vehicles and people. The road surface with the anti-skid pavement aggregate will not peeling off even if under the wheel's friction for a long time, it can maintain proper functioning well. It can also prevent pavement from temperature rise, with good insulation effect, effectively inhibit the worsening urban heat island climate.

Anti-skid pavement aggregate is widely used in highways, airports, airstrip, railway stations, subway, bus station, parking lot, park, plaza, road intersection, turn place, school road, lane to distinguish, the pavement to distinguish, deceleration zone, and other places that need a warning. It is also used at wall beautification, the substitute products for wall paint. Now it is widely used in square, park, the sports venues.

Specifications and product performance indicators:

Shape specifications irregular granular
Size large (5 to 8 mm)   medium(3-5 mm)   small(1-3 mm)


Accumulation password 1200-1450kg/m³
Bibulous rate <3.0%
Mohs hardness >6 (small grain: 1.0-2.0 mm    medium grain: 2.0-3.3 mm  large: 3.3-5.0 mm)