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Marking Machine

A road marking machine is a machine specially used to mark different traffic lines on road surface.

Road Marking Paint

Thermoplastic road marking paint, also called hot melt marking paint, is a kind of powder paint.

Production Materials

Raw material for producing marking paint & Special agent for marking paint

Antiskid Pavement

Color anti-skid road paint used to prevent slipping.

Ancillary facilities

Traffic signs, Stud, Guardrail, Warning column, Reflective clothing, etc.

About TATU

TATU traffic Group was founded in 1998, is a leading manufacturer of road marking machine and road marking paint in china. TATU brand road marking products were exported to over 100 countries and regions. Some of them fill in gaps in Asia, and a number of them are placed in the leading position at home and abroad.

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Road Markings Solutions

Community solution

With the improvement of living condition...


Campus solution

Most of the 400 meter runway was built i...


Parking solution

Only the new parking spaces in order to ...


City road solution

With the continuous development of urban...


Highway solution

Thermoplastic road marking paints have s...


Mountain road solution

The program is often adopted by domestic...


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Customer Evaluation

Application Cases

The application case of Changbai Mountain

May 11, 2016, the staff came to Jilin, Changbai Mountain. They use the driving road marking machine for the rapid constr...

2017/02/27 614

The application case of driving type marking machine

September 2016, our small ride hot melt road marking machine will add a case of Kyrgyzstan construction....

2017/03/01 558

Manual hot melt marking machine Kyrgyzstan construction

In September 23, 2016, the manual hot melt marking machine for hot melt marking construction in Kyrgyzstan issell Ke hu....

2017/03/01 588

Hot melt vibration marking machine Shang Deng highway case

In June 26, 2017, our customer use hot melt road marking machine to test hot melt vibration marking ...

2017/08/16 16

TATU cold plastic road marking machine in Zhejiang Ningbo

In August 3, 2017, our customers use TATU cold plastic road marking machine to do two-component type...

2017/08/09 44

Application case of two component line marking machine

The road markings in the picture were made by Shanghai customers in April 12, 2017 using our two com...

2017/07/27 108